About us

At Language Helps we offer tailor-made language courses for companies in all sectors. We provide a helping hand to anyone who needs to speak a foreign language in business situations (or elsewhere). By incorporating students' input the teacher ensures that intended language goals are reached.

Experienced trainers

Spread throughout the Netherlands, Language Helps has a large pool of professional language trainers who help overcome language barriers on a daily basis. Our trainers are highly experienced native and near-native speakers who are conversant with the business world, which means they are able to provide work-related courses which include business vocabulary.

Affordable and customized

We believe that every language training course should match the goals and needs of the client perfectly. That is why every Language Helps course is tailor-made with no ready-made lesson programs but just content that the participants can benefit from in their daily work. Our competitive prices prove that customization can also be affordable. At fees ranging from € 75 per hour (excl. VAT) you will not easily find a better-priced tailor-made language training course.

Presentatie in vreemde taal op kantoor