Our approach

Here are the required steps in our approach to providing the perfect language training course. 

The intake

Firstly, a free (telephone) intake interview is held with the student in the target language. This is an essential step in order for the trainer to assess the student’s speaking skills level and gain knowledge of the required goals. The intake also sheds light on the aspects of language that the student is struggling with in daily work situations. In the case of a group training course, we first discuss the language course objectives and requirements with the client.


Following the intake interview, the client receives our quote stating the estimated number of lessons and the total costs, including material such as books and travel expenses.

Customized lesson programs 

The content of the work-related language training course is then prepared according to the results of the intake interview. Every Language Helps course is fully tailored to the participant and the requirements of the company. The result is a customized training course focussed on the relevant language skills that can be immediately applied in work situations.

Course set-up

Language Helps offers courses for individuals and groups, face-to-face and via Skype or FaceTime. Groups consist of a maximum of nine participants in order to ensure maximum personal attention and best results.

A face-to-face repeat of the intake interview takes place on the first day of the course during which the indicated learning goals are discussed once again. The student's input is central to this step. Role-plays are used to recreate situations on the work floor in the target language. This is a very suitable method of working on the required language skills. In addition, course material (a number of suitable books) is supplied and we strongly recommend giving  homework assignments (if the student has time) for better and quicker results.


Due to the nature of the training courses, there is no standard exam at the end, unless specifically requested. The language level achieved is then tested by simulating recognizable work situations and/or a written test. If you wish, we can provide a certificate stating the achieved level on the successful completion of the course.


We teach courses at all language levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2) according to the Common European Framework of Reference. The starting level is determined during the intake interview.