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Looking for a business language course in Dutch for yourself or your (non-Dutch) employee? Don't let the language be an obstacle and choose a tailor-made course, given at your office.

Dutch language training course: Put an end to miscommunication

Despite the fact that English is increasingly used as the official language, Dutch is still a very important language in the business market and beyond. A good command of our language makes things easier at the workplace. Are your employees non-Dutch speakers but you want to get the best out of them? A Language Helps Dutch language training course teaches students goal oriented Dutch or improves their current language skills.

Our Business Dutch course helps to improve your reading, speaking and writing skills as well as those of your employees. During a free intake interview we set out the learning targets and requirements which result in a tailor-made Dutch language course that is in alignment with the daily work situations of the participant.


Business Dutch courses at every level

The Language Helps in-company training courses are given at all language levels. This means that our Dutch course is not only fitting for beginners but also for (very) advanced students. We offer tailor-made training courses at every language level.

Dutch for beginners

The Dutch language course for beginners provides a sound basis for speaking and writing in Dutch which makes it particularly suitable for speakers of other languages. With the help of a customized programme, using daily work situations as a starting point, participants can learn to read, speak and write relevant professional Dutch at a basic level.  At the end of the course your employee wil be more self-reliant and will have gained increased employability prospects in your company.

Dutch for advanced students

In order to build up on the basic knowledge, Language Helps offers Dutch lessons to improve language skills. For example, people whose second language is Dutch can use the advanced course to improve pronunciation or writing skills. Taking a phone call or the lead during a meeting will be less troublesome when the language has been mastered.

Choose a language course at Language Helps

The major strong points of the tailor-made Language Helps Dutch language course are:

  • No loss of time, our language trainers teach at your office 
  • Lessons are given at times best suited to you
  • The in-company language course be followed individually or in a group
  • Maximum results are achieved thanks to personal fine-tuning
  • The courses are given by highly-experienced native speakers
  • Guaranteed competitive prices range from € 75 per hour excl. VAT

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