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Language training English: Communicating with more confidence

English is a truly global language and is therefore widely used in business. A good command of this language can make the daily activities within an international company easier, from conducting an effortless dicussion with a colleague to reading a report.  Improving your English with a language training course ensures that you feel more confident in these situations.

Our business English course helps to improve your  reading, speaking and writing skills as well as those of  your employees. Our language courses are completely tailor-made. The situations and tasks that the student comes into contact with at the workplace determine the starting point of the course. Do you have intensive mail contact with English-speaking customers? Our trainers can help you to write professional e-mails flawlessly. Are good speaking skills of great importance for your work? After the English language course you will start a conversation with confidence or give a presentation in English as easily as you would  in your native language.

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Business English Language courses at every level

Language Helps' in-company courses are given at all language levels. This means that the English course is suitable not only for beginners but also for (very) advanced students. There is a tailor-made course at every language level.

English for beginners

The English language course for beginners provides a sound basis for speaking and writing in English. With the support of Language Helps you will learn the basics of the English language. For example, expanding your vocabulary or gaining more knowledge of grammar can be a great help at work. The desired results and the exact starting level will become clear during the intake interview. At the end of the course,  students can easily make themselves understood in English on matters that they have to deal with on a daily basis.

Advanced English

If you or your employee already have a good knowledge of the English language, the finishing touches or “fine tuning” can be applied with the advanced language course. During the intake interview the current level will be determined and the learning objectives discussed, for instance, learning to write academic English. The student then works, together with our highly experienced native and near-native speakers, on the points that require attention. Reading, listening and speaking skills are further perfected.

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The major strong points of the tailor-made Language Helps English course are:

  • No loss of time, our language trainers teach at your office
  • Lessons are given at a time best suited to you
  • The in-company language course can be followed individually or in a group
  • Maximum results are achieved thanks to personal fine-tuning
  • The courses are given by highly-experienced native speakers
  • Guaranteed competitive prices range from € 75 per hour excl. VAT

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