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Looking for a (business) French language training course for yourself or one of your employees?

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French language training course: Get the most out of doing business with your French clients 

A good command of the French language can be a huge advantage in many business positions. Does your company have a large number of French-speaking business partners or clients? An expansive knowledge of French vocabulary increases your chance of commercial sucess with your French-speaking business partners and clients: from conducting a face-to-face conversation with a supplier to composing a business email. Improving your French with a language training course ensures smoother communication in these situations, it can open doors that would otherwise remain closed.

Our Business French course helps to improve your writing, reading and speaking skills and those of your employees. Our language courses are completely tailor-made. The situations and tasks that the student comes into contact with at the workplace determine the starting point of the course, so only relevant material is used from start to finish, which means that our French course delivers a high yield. If you mainly have telephone contact at work then the focus will be on improving spoken French. Our trainers help you with speaking and  formulating  sentences which you might otherwise do in English. At the end of the French language course, you wiil be able to communicate more effectively and enter into conversation with French-speaking contacts with more confidence.

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Business French courses at every level

Our in-company courses are given at all language levels. This means that the French language lessons are not only suitable for beginners but also for (very) advanced students. Language Helps offers customized courses at every level.

French for beginners

The French for beginners course is suitable for anyone who does not  possess a basic knowledge of the French language. The curriculum includes: conducting general conversations or drafting short e-mails. Language Helps offers a personalized programme in which you can apply new language skills directly in practice. At the end of the course the student can conduct a basic-level conversation using specific terms that are important in the relevant professional field.

French for advanced students 

At French level 2, introducing yourself or counting to 20 is child's play. Do you wish to raise your French language skills to a higher level? The Business French advanced course teaches you how to communicate and hold discussions more fluently and listening skills are perfected. The course is always fully aligned with your work situation, level and goals which are fully appraised during the intake interview.

Choose a language course at Language Helps

The major strong points of the tailor-made Language Helps French course are:

  • No loss of time, our language trainers teach at your office
  • Lessons are given at a time best suited to you
  • The in-company language course can be followed individually or in a group 
  • Maximum results are achieved thanks to personal fine-tuning
  • The courses are given by highly-experienced native speakers
  • Guaranteed competitive prices range from € 75 per hour excl. VAT

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