German language training course

Looking for a business German language training course for yourself or one of your employees? Choose a tailor-made course, given in your own office, of course!

German language course:  communicate effectively with no language barriers

Our neighbour serves as an important trading partner. It is therefore no wonder that many Dutch enterprises maintain business relationships with German companies. A good command of the German language is essential in order to sustain a professional image as a company. Being able to communicate fluently in German increases the chances of success in business. The use of professional jargon in the German language increases efficiency in conversations.

Our Business German course helps to improve your reading, speaking and writing skills as well as those of your employees. All our language courses are tailor-made. The starting point of the German course is determined entirely by your daily work situations. Students receive a personal programme which only contains the relevant components necessary for their work. For example, the course for a sales manager is set up differently to the programme for an administrative employee. However, one thing is certain: at the conclusion of the German language training course you will be familiar with (basic) vocabulary and idioms. Language Helps provides the necessary ingredients for effective communication.

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Business German courses at every level

Our in-company training courses are given at all language levels. This means that our German language course is not only fitting for  beginners but also for (very) advanced students. Language Helps offers customized training courses at every level.

German for beginners

The German language course for beginners is well-suited for brushing up German language skills or for mastering the basics. During our customized course, the student will learn to speak German at a basic level, including frequently-used specific terms relevant to your professional field. If you have intensive e-mail contact with your German partners then the focus of a course will be on improving written language skills, also encompassing correct spelling and composition of a business mail in German.

German for advanced students

If you or your employees already speak good German, the advanced language course is ideal for perfecting your language skills. Our experienced trainers help facilitate writing, negotiating and spoken business language in German. Thanks to the personalized approach of Language Helps, the German language course is tailored to your position and duties and the new language skills can be applied directly in practice.

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The major strong points of the tailor-made Language Helps German course are:

  • No loss of time, our language trainers teach at your office
  • Lessons are given at a time best suited to you
  • The in-company language course can be followed individually or in a group
  • Maximum results achieved thanks to personal fine-tuning
  • The courses are given by highly-experienced native speakers
  • Guaranteed competitive prices range from € 75 per hour excl. VAT

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