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                        Privacy Statement 

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Personal data is only stored if a product and / or service is purchased from Language Helps or if  explicit permission has been given to do so. Personal data is stored by: 

Company: Language Helps Heemstede The Netherlands 


Telephone number: +31 (23) 2014124

Chamber of Commerce number: 52210731 

Language Helps is responsible for compliance within the AVG and managing customer accounts as well as collecting data for analysis and marketing purposes. Language Helps complies to the AVG. Language Helps is responsible for all data processing on behalf of Language Helps, including 

Language Helps collects and processes personal data required for the management of customer accounts, the fulfillment of contracts, the collection of payments, the website, personal marketing and  compliance with legal obligations. 

The personal data stored by Language Helps serves mainly to implement the fulfillment of contracts of delivery of a product and / or service by Language Helps. Without this provision of data it would not be possible for Language Helps to execute  contracts. Language Helps handles  personal data with the utmost care and does everything possible to store data securely. Any data breaches are always reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority and to those persons whose personal data may have been compromised. In the event of a data breach, Language Helps always takes appropriate measures to guarantee the reliability of the website. If you believe that your personal data is either being used inappropriately, has been stolen or has been stored incorrectly, and, despite repeated requests it is not possible for you to delete your data, you can submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority at any time.

Language Helps stores the following personal data:

- in order to complete a contract for a service provided: your name,

address, zip code, city, telephone number, location data, e-mail address, bank and / or

creditcard information;

- for paying and handling invoices: your name, address, zip code, city, and / or

email address;

- to request a free quote: your name, address, zip code, city,

telephone number and / or e-mail address;

- for handling questions and complaints: name, address, zip code, place of residence,

telephone number and / or e-mail address.

Personal data is never stored for longer than is strictly necessary and is available for you to

view, change or remove at any time. Before placing photos or other images on the website, Language Helps always first asks permission from the person(s) involved. Viewing, making changes, removal (including the right to be forgotten) and the withdrawal of  permission  is possible by sending an unambiguous statement addressed to

Your personal data will in any case be deleted in the following circumstances:

- if a course has already been given: 5 years after termination of the contract

 (for the benefit of possible future contracts), unless  explicit permission has been given to store the personal data for a longer period of time or if the data

must be kept  longer due to a legal regulation or provision;

- paying and handling  invoices: 7 years after paying the

 invoice concerned, this is in order to meet the legal obligation demanded by the

Tax authorities;

- handling questions and complaints: after satisfactorily resolving

any complaints;

- a request for a free quote: 60 days after the obligation-free quote has been sent,

To ensure that  contracts are fulfilled smoothly, Language Helps can make use of a

number of external parties who may also gain insight into your data. Notwithstanding they will only save the data for as long as this is necessary for their work. Under no circumstances will personal data be used for purposes other than those that are necessary for Language Helps to fulfill its obligations, unless explicit permission has been requested from  the person concerned. 

Processing Agreements apply to all external transfers of personal data.

Finally, Processing Agreements with external parties apply in order to successfully fulfill contracts

. Explicit permission will always be requested if, for the fulfillment of a contract, it is necessary to process special personal data

Further information concerning the external parties who process personal data can be obtained by mailing

Language Helps reserves the right to create a blacklist of persons who betray our trust in them. The blacklist is kept for an unlimited period and is only  available to a very limited number of Language Helps employees.

 The blacklist is also kept for the purpose of determining any future Language Helps offers.

Persons who, in spite of repeated requests, fail to meet Language Helps payment obligations will in any case be placed on the blacklist.